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Tree maitenance - arboriculture

Every treethat needsprofessionaltreatmentis necessary tofullyexplorefrom ground and, not leastin height.

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By detailed inspection of the tree we see general health, infection wood decaying fungi, mechanical damage to the trunk, the extent of cavities and other dangerous defects. In addition, will assess the vitality of the tree is to map the evolution and structure of the tree crown, we are interested in ideas and working around the tree habitat conditions and stability, here we assess all the circumstances that could impair the operational safety of the tree, threaten its resistance to stem breakage, and branches in the crown or its complete refutation.

Treatment of branches

Treatment of branches is one of the most important and still underrated things about tree care. It's not just about aesthetic treatment tree, we help the overall stability. Cut live branches is performed so that the tree with her ​​loss as quickly settled. We cut the branches just in the direction of the strain (not stub left over), then the water flows easily.

Cutting branches are divided into:

  • Safety cut: removed mostly dry, cracked and damaged branches
  • Cut parenting: is performed mostly in younger trees is to educate and shape the tree to help prevent possible damage to the tree (breaking strain), which may endanger safety of people
  • Cross-section reduction: it consists in the reduction tree, removal of competing branches, which will reduce its lighting and the whole area of ​​the crown.


  • Maintenance of the old park in Velke Dvorce
  • Restoring a memorable Prince alley in Tachov
  • Maintenance of trees in town  Tachov
  • Maintenance urn groves in Tachov
  • Maintenance of the central cemetery in Plzen
  • Maintenance of the park in summer theater in Tachov
  • Maintenance of parks and greenery in the village Halze
  • Maintenance of municipal trees in the village of Fountain

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